Angry Beards Beardroids


Beardroids Give your body what it needs with a varied menu. You will get important nutrients for hair and beard growth!

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Angry Beards Beardroids

Angry Beards Beardroids

Key Features:

  • Vitamins for beard and hair growth
  • Honest Czech product
  • Dietary supplement with a unique composition
  • Beardroids improve the quality of beard, hair and nails
  • It has a positive effect on skin, mental activity and metabolism of micronutrients.

Why start with food supplements?

Save your pride with the help of the effective Beardroids dietary supplement . By using them regularly, you will contribute not only to better hair and beard condition, but also to the quality of skin and nails. In addition, Beardroids will kick you energetically and relieve annoying fatigue. The metabolism of micro-nutrients also reaches a higher level. In the end you will not use Beardroids just to save your pride on your head and face, but also for other positives that will affect your body and psyche.

Do you need Beardroids?

If your family is notable for elegant baldness and smooth faces, then Beardroids will move your hair and beard a bit further. Beardroids will pump your body with vitamins that will boost your body and mind incredibly.

Unique composition:

The amino acids L-Methionine and L-Cystine contain sulfur and are a source of keratin, an essential building block of hair and beard.
Biotin helps to keep hair and beard and skin healthy and contributes to the normal metabolism of micronutrients.
Panthotenic acid reduces fatigue and exhaustion, promotes healthy mental activity and energy metabolism.
Zinc helps maintain hair, beard, skin and nails.
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a source of sulfur referred to as a beauty mineral.


Take Beardroids capsules once a day after a meal. Pay attention to a varied diet that this product does not replace. It is a dietary supplement that provides you with important ingredients for beard and hair growth. The pack contains 60 capsules.

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