Christmas Gifts for Men: Our top picks

Ah the nightmare before Christmas: choosing Christmas gifts for the significant men in your life. As we roll towards Christmas full steam ahead, your spirits crumble at the dreaded thought of trying to navigate the horrorendously-clichéd circus parade that is men’s gifting: lame jokes, pointless knick-knacks and kitsch gadgets. They all peddle the stereotype that men are incorregable oafs who spend their days rubbing beer bellies while they test whoopie cushions for sport.  

At Men in Malta, we shun the idea that all men are clueless louts. Here are some of our favourite gifts for men who are more Dempsy than mangy. To make your life easy, just select our deluxe or standard gift wrapping and leave it all to us. We’ll also deliver to your door for free!

Some of our favourite gifts for men at a glance…

Our favourite overall gift for every man:

The Mancave Shower Gel Gift Set is sure to be a hit with every man…..except for those who don’t like showering we suppose but perhaps this gift could save you and tempt even the grubbiest men to scrub up! At €48.60 the set contains 4 500ml shower gels to keep him feeling and smelling great: Sea Salt, Wild Mint, Lemon & Oak, Cedarwood Shower Gel.

Our favourite overall gift for your bearded man:

Our elegant gift sets from Italian master barber brand Proraso are an absolute treat. At €37.50, these they come presented in a metal gift box and come with 3 luxurious beard products: a gentle and effective, cleanser for beard and skin; Beard Balm, to soften hair and ease itch and irritation associated with new growth; and Beard Oil, to nourish, smooth and protect the beard. It comes in 4 irresistable scents: delectable Azure Lime, uplifting Refresh with eucalyptus, bergamot and rosemary, sensual Wood and Spice and vibrant Cypress and Vetiver.

Top gifts for the sharp-shaven gent:

If you’d like to spoil a special man who likes a razor-sharp shave,  Blue Beard’s Revenge Cut-Throat Shaving Set (€65.00) is a perfect gift that will leave his face feeling as soft as a Carribbean Breeze. It comes complete with a bumper list of nifty shaving gear including: Shaving Cream, Post-Shave Balm, Pre-Shave Oil, a Cut-Throat Razor, Doubloon Shaving Brush and Shaving & Hand Towel.

The Bluebeards Revenge Cut-Throat Shaving Set
The Bluebeards Revenge Cut-Throat Shaving Set

Another favourite is our Angry Beards Shaving Set which comes with a Zikza or Garrigue Shavette. These sets are also great for bearded men to shave around their beard:they contain a super handy transparent shave gel for clear, sharp lines.

The ideal gift for a man who likes to be well-groomed:

Mancave Survival Gift Set (€55.00) This is the ultimate men’s gift set of star British brand Mancave’s 6 essential products: Caffeine Shampoo, Lemon and Oak Shower Gel, Willowbark Face Wash, Texturising Hair Paste, Olivestone Face Scrub and Moisturiser.

mancave survival set
mancave survival set

Our favourite fragrances:

This one is a toughy! We have so many amazing scents to choose from but here are some ideas to get you started:

Latest fragrance Banderas the Icon Elixir 100ml + deo spray for €39.00

The Icon Elixir Edt 100ml + Deo Spray

The Icon Elixir Edt 100ml + Deo Spray

Fresh Cologne for the Office: Angry Beards Urban Twofinger Cologne for €36.50

Angry Beards Urban Twofinger Cologne
Angry Beards Urban Twofinger Cologne

Best for younger men Benetton We are Tribe and We are Tribe Intense at €28.50

Great for stocking fillers: Banderas Doses 30ml at  €13.50