Angry Beards Shaving Set with Garrigue Shavette


Complete gear for shaving. Transparent gel so that you can see beneath the blade. Poisonously sharp shavette. And balm for calming your pissed-off skin. You need nothing more.

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Angry Beards Shaving Set with Garrigue Shavette

Angry Beards Shaving Set with Garrigue Shavette

Everything a man needs for shaving. We say shaving, but we give out bans for getting rid of the beard, so of course we mean shaving the contours, cleaning the neck beard and other splendors that take the beard to the next level. In this set, you’ll find shaving gel, a minimalistic Garrigue-style shavette along with five Derby Premium razors, aftershave balm and Angry Beards band-aids, just in case.

The shavette is the successor to the classic razor. The only difference is the blade. The shavette doesn’t have one, and a disposable razor blade is inserted into it. This eliminates the worry of sharpening and stropping the blade. The feel of the traditional shaving ritual and the precise contours still remains. Garrigue is a minimalistic stylist that combines high-quality steel with an anti-corrosive Teflon finish and waterproof Pakawood handle material. If you have a soft spot for last century’s honest manufacturing, we still have the same set with an honest Žižka shavette.

Why you need it :

  • Complete set for shaving
  • Transparent shaving gel with super glide technology
  • Lightweight minimalist Garrigue shavette with razor blades
  • Delicate aftershave balm with band-aids, just in case
  • All in a gift box ready to make you happy

Here we’ll briefly tell you how to go about it and check out the complete manual with individual products.

Shaving gel – Apply a thin layer of gel to the skin you plan to shave. Massage it in neatly and immediately start shaving to your throat’s (or face’s) content. Always with a perfectly sharpened razor or shavette and always in the direction of growth to avoid unnecessary irritation. While shaving contours with the transparent gel, you don’t nick yourself because you see beneath the blade the whole time.

Shavette – You break the razor blade in half while still in the paper (yes, both halves can be used), undo the safety at the end of the shavette, separate the two arms and insert half of the razor blade. You snap the arm over it and then replace the safety. Now you’re ready to cut. Whether you’re just going for contour tuning, or going for the neck as well, the shavette won’t kill you (hopefully). There’s only 0.5 mm of blade sticking out, so even a novice shaver won’t cut too deeply.

Aftershave balm – After shaving, dry your skin and apply a reasonable amount of balm. Spread it, but don’t massage it in. The skin is already pissed-off from the blade, so try not to irritate it more. There’s minimal room for error, though, so feel free to go ahead.

And in case your hand slips, we’ve added some pissed-off band-aids that you don’t have to be embarrassed to show off in public.

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