Angry Beards Urban Twofinger Oil


Oil is nutritionally rich food for your beard and skin. Sure, they can starve for a while, but once you’ve experienced a fed beard, you’ll never want to go back.

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Angry Beards Urban Twofinger Oil

Angry Beards Urban Twofinger Oil

What’s the only thing your beard would take to a desert island? Beard oil. A comprehensive all-in-one that nourishes and hydrates your beard and skin, helps get rid of itching and dandruff and gives your look and exotic shine. We’ve blended 5 awesome fragrances, now all we’ve got to do is find the best one for you.

If beards had their own “You Are What You Eat” show, nutritionists would be teaching them to buy our beard oil instead of rice crackers and crates of celery. We’ve squeezed everything your beard needs into one bottle. An elixir of quality oils packed full of minerals and vitamins to hydrate and nourish while softening and strengthening your beard. It’ll help get rid of dry, itchy skin in a flash, but it won’t make your beard greasy. Sounds too good to be true? Thousands of satisfied beards have already seen for themselves.

Apply the oil to your wet beard and skin. Why? Your beard needs water, but there’s none in the oil. Water also stubbornly evaporates like your old lady pulling you away from your unfinished beer. Oil slows evaporation so that your beard has time to drink in peace.

Drip 3–6 drops of oil into your palm. The amount depends on the length and thickness of your beard, but you’ll figure it out. With your hands, work the oil into your beard all the way to your chin. It’s not rocket science, simply rub your entire beard and lightly massage your skin with your fingers. For maximum effect, brush your beard after application. And That’s all.

PRO TIP: A hack for those with longer beards. Place your palm onto your beard as soon as you’ve dripped the oil onto it. This will get more oil to the ends, which need it like a goat needs scratching. Then rub and work it in normally.

PRO PRO TIP: If you want the best for your beard, indulge it with a hot towel before applying the oil. Soak a hand towel in hot water and set it on your face a few times. This combines the pleasant with the useful – it wets your beard and the heat opens your pores so that the oil falls onto more fertile ground.

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