Brighton Beard Hawkhurst Set Balm + Oil




Brighton Beard Hawkhurst Set Balm + Oil

Brighton Beard Hawkhurst Set Balm + Oil

The Hawkhurst beard conditioning gift set; a handsome presentation of the finest in beard care. Featuring our best-selling 40ml Creampot Tom’s beard balm and a 10ml Old Joll’s beard oil in the popular Mandarin and Cedarwood fragrance.

A blend of the very finest oils to treat, soften and nourish.

Our Old Joll beard oil is handmade and contains only the best ingredients to nourish your facial hair and the skin beneath – it’s even great for stubble. Containing jojoba oil, vitamin E and essential oils; the product will soften, treat and stop the dreaded beard itch, whilst promoting new growth. Your face will thank you for it.

How to use :

Use as required – a little goes a long way. We recommend 1 or 2 drops into the palms of your hands and massaging into the lengths of your beard and through to the skin.

For best results, apply on a clean, towel-dried beard when the hair is most susceptible to absorbing the oils goodness.

Store upright in room temperature, out of direct sunlight.

A leave-in conditioning treatment to nourish, repair and tame whilst providing a light hold.

Our handmade balm conditions your beard, helping to repair and prevent split ends whilst softening, nourishing and leaving a light shine. In short, a tin full o’ goodness. Available in six impeccable scents; ranging from citrus, woodsy or musky – there’s a Creampot Tom’s for everybody.

How to use :

Use as required – we recommend 2-3 times per week, though daily usage should not be frowned upon.

A little goes a long way – start with a pea size amount, warm the product between the palms of your hands and massage through the beard.


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