Angry Beards Urban Twofinger Cologne


A less concentrated scent than our perfumes. If you don’t need to smell up the whole office, cologne will only please the female tails in the immediate vicinity.

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Angry Beards Urban Twofinger Cologne

Angry Beards Urban Twofinger Cologne

You love our Twofinger, but the perfume is too big a punch for you? Cologne is the ideal for everyday wear or a quick refresher during the day. Same scent, intensity slightly muted. It doesn’t irritate your general vicinity like a perfume, but once the female tails are in your immediate vicinity, it traps them uncompromisingly. Urban Twofinger is a woody, spicy scent with a hint of sandalwood. Gift tube included.

The first hole you penetrate on a woman is her nose. And with cologne, that first time will be more tender than making love in a dark movie theater. A quick refresher during a busy day or a partner for those who don’t need a strong perfume. Cologne is a subtle scent that will delight your nose and the female tails in your immediate vicinity. It may need a slight refresh during the day, but you won’t needlessly irritate the whole office as with perfume. Urban Twofinger’s trusty sidekick is none other than our legendary Jack Saloon. So, if you’re hesitant, grab the 2ml testers and pick the right one.

Refresh your scent trail whenever you see fit during the day. A few spritzes on hot zones like the neck, chest or inside of the wrist will ensure proper scent release.

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