Angry Beards Beard Roller


MASSIVE BLOOD CIRCULATION Like Doping, Beard Roller perfuses the skin with irritation. But with the Roller it is mechanical and far more massive.

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Angry Beards Beard Roller

Angry Beards Beard Roller

The roller with 540 titanium microneedles with a length of 0.5 mm brings a growth revolution. Beard Roller, like Rocco Siffredi, is a pro at penetration. It pierces the upper layer of the skin, which results in massive blood circulation, activation of natural skin healing and, finally, better absorption of Doping. All this will significantly support the growth of new and existing beards.


    • Maximizing growth potential
    • Perfect blood circulation
    • Skin rejuvenation and healing
    • Increased skin absorption
    • Free cleaning spray


Cylinder fitted with 540 titanium needles 0.5 mm long. Quality rubber body with a special hex handle, developed specifically for men. All in a massive magnetic box. Each package includes a Tool Cleaner so that you can use the Roller straight away.


Before rolling, wash the skin and clean the Beard Roller (cleaning spray included). Roll the entire face ten times in vertical stripes and then ten times in horizontal stripes. When rolling, keep light pressure on the Beard Roller. Roll once every 3-4 days as you like, always before bed. Roller irritates the skin, so it may be reddish. We do not recommend using Doping or other products for at least six hours after rolling, just let the skin rest.

The needles actually pierce the top layer of the skin, which leads to massive blood circulation, activation of the natural healing of the skin and finally it helps to better absorption of our Doping or anything else. More or less you force the body to bleed blood into the skin, creating collagen, elastin and keratin, which leads to healthier and more youthful skin. Nobody probably cares too much about this. The most important thing is that all of the above is also important for beard follicles.

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