Angry Beards Beard Straightener


Up to twice as long in a few minutes! Slogan still used exclusively in advertisements on porn sites. But finally Angry Beards can steal it and make it true.

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Angry Beards Beard Straightener

Angry Beards Beard Straightener

The electric brush is the most powerful weapon for adjusting and straightening longer beards. The minimum length for use depends on the density and curliness of the beard, but usually 5 cm is sufficient. I wish we heard this more often from girls. The brush is also suitable for shaping hair and other sufficiently long places. In addition to each purchase, Angry Beards give a free Heat Protector – a balm for protection against burns, with which the shaping of the beard will be completely painless.


    • Maximum adjustment and straightening
    • Free balm for protection
    • Six temperature modes
    • Ceramic heaters
    • Straightening balm for free


  • Stylish black electric brush with ergonomic handle for adjustment with confidence in the hand.
  • Voltage 100-240V
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Rated power 19 W
  • PTC heating element with ceramic coating
  • Temperature range 120-220 ° C


  • You will find the exact instructions for use in the enclosed manual, but in principle proceed as follows. Wash, comb and dry your beard thoroughly. This will prevent random things from burning in the beard and possible damage to the Beard Straightener, or worse, the beard itself. In fact, wait until the beard is completely dry. Apply the Heat Protector evenly on the beard. Or you can comb it dry, so-called raw. In this case, however, Angry Beards are not responsible for any damage to the beard. The maximum temperature was set so as not to damage your beard, so protection is not absolutely necessary. However, it is always safer with it and they strongly recommend using Heat Protector. Set the desired temperature on the brush and brush from root to tip until you are satisfied, usually no longer than five minutes. Then apply oil or conditioner to your beard and you’re done.

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