Angry Beards Beard Shampoo 250ml


Thanks to the oil-based active ingredients of the shampoo, beard’s and skin’s natural vitamins and minerals are no longer lost in big amount.

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Angry Beards Beard Shampoo 250ml

Angry Beards Beard Shampoo 250ml

There’s a new, even more cunning version of the shampoo – Gentle as fuck – and with it the revolution in shampooing beards begins.


    • Honest Czech product
    • Perfect and gentle beard wash
    • Alleviates washout of natural oils, vitamins and minerals
    • Easy combing, no static electricity
    • Fresh citrus-spicy fragrance.

Application :

Spray the required amount in the palm and apply a lightly frothed shampoo all the way to the roots of your beard, so that your skin and beard are as pure as a lily. At the wish of many of you, Angry Beards have adjusted the ingredients to make their shampoo even more gentle so you could use it with a clear conscience and beard every day. Use shampoo whenever you need to, but it doesn’t have to be everytime you go into the shower.


The second version of the shampoo – Gentle as fuck shampoo – is even more gentle, so you can use it daily. You guys liked the shampoo so much that you just wanted to use it more often. That’s why Angry Beards played a little with the ingredients and created an even more sensitive gem. After scrubbing with their shampoo, the beard will be so clean you could eat off it. Surfactants, which work similarly to Thanos’ glove, take care of this, with the difference that 100% of dirt and not only half disappear by snapping. You will enjoy the benefits of the shampoo even after washing, especially easy combability and resistance to static electricity.

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