Angry Beards Beard Wax 30ml


Size does matter, whatever they may say. And if you have the right size, you have to shape it into the right form.

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Angry Beards Beard Wax 30ml

Angry Beards Beard Wax 30ml

Whether you need to shape a few naughty beards or tame your entire chin, beard wax is your best friend. Wax gives the beard a shine and especially a shape that will not disappoint you, whatever you do.


    • Honest czech product
    • Perfect beard styling
    • Film against sunlight and negative environmental influences
    • Delicate wax-exotic fragrance
    • Jar made of special purple glass


Wax is purely for beard styling. Therefore, it contains the two most important components that we think every good wax should have, namely beeswax and lanolin. But Angry Beards decided to move it further and add two perfect oils – argan and almond. Thanks to them, the wax has an extraordinary stiffness and it also nourishes the beard.


Scrape off the necessary amount of wax with your finger, it depends on the length of the beard. Place it between your fingers, heat it by friction and then spread it to your palms. After that evenly apply balm to your beard. Use whenever you want to give your beard a shape and make yourself cool.


Right at the beginning, Angry Beards say that their wax is NOT for moustache. If you want to shape a french moustache, you have to choose their rivals. Beard Wax is here for you, with its help you will get something from France but not a moustache. They are talking about kisses if you didn’t catch their drift. The wax is intended for those who need to tame naughty beards and to make them obey you. Beeswax and lanolin take care of the shape and shine. Wax doesn’t leave any visible traces, but creates an invisible protective layer that protects against inhospitable influences or the sun.

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