Angry Beards Heat Protector 150ml


Although it is possible to straighten a beard without any product, it is not ideal for the beard. Therefore, Angry Beards always recommend straightening with protection.

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Angry Beards Heat Protector 150ml

Angry Beards Heat Protector 150ml :

The heat protector was created as heat protectant when straightening the beard with their new electric brush beard straightener Bearded Widow. But it will work just as well for combing hair with a classic electric comb.


    • Honest czech product
    • Prevents drying during straightening
    • Protection against damage during straightening
    • High adhesion to the beard
    • Easier combing

Use :

  • Apply to dry and clean beard. Spread evenly along the entire length of the beard. Then comb your beard with a regular comb and you are ready to straighten it without any damage to your beard.


Protection is one of the two basic quests of this product. It is provided by the ALKYL DIMETHICONE folder aka Microcare W3045. It is nothing natural, but highly functional. It wraps around the beard and forms a protective film that prevents the temperature of the beard from rising and thus protects it from drying out and other thermal damage up to 250 ° C.


Microcare is in charge of burn protection. However, when straightening, the beard can be mechanically damaged or can be pulled out. For this reason, the Heat protector also serves as a conditioner. Combing is provided by Cetearyl Alcohol and Behentrimonium Methosulfate. Their affection for keratin is also great, thanks to which they fixate Microcare on beards much more strongly.

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