Angry Beards Dual Comb


Your pussy’s hair, beard or rib. This versatile killer doesn’t care. He combs first, then he asks.

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Angry Beards Dual Comb

Angry Beards Dual Comb

A guy has to fight for a perfect bastard. With the Combat comb, you can defend your beard and hair against all the sniffing elements. This killer first combs, then asks. Tacticool construction for lightning drawing in a crisis situation. Indestructible teeth made of anti-static carbon will comb even the most intricate rolls.


  • Versatile comb for beard and hair
  • Quality carbon construction
  • Matte anti-static treatment
  • Tactical Design with eye on finger
  • Proudly made in the Czech Republic


Brush in one quick, smooth motion and without further questions. You want to lose your life, but remember that every lunge can be the last, so no movement is wasted. May all the wounds be mortal.

Not sure if you are combing your beard right? We will advise you too. Lubricate thoroughly with oil or balm and start in the middle of the neck. From the bottom, work your way up and to the sides. If you get stuck, don’t try to tear him apart. Gently and smoothly untangle your beard. Then you just comb your beard from above into its original state, comb your moustache and cash.

A versatile ridge that is not far from a work of art. A killer who combs as soon as possible and only then asks. Your cat’s hair, beard or baby, this cat will solve everything. Virtually indestructible carbon teeth will pick up even the most intricate tangles and conglomerates. A robust tool that holds in your hand as nailed. It is a pleasure to work with him. Let’s just avoid that on the most massive beards quite short teeth can be short. So if you’re shopping extra-long, take a look at your Dual Comb partner . For everyone else, Combat is the perfect brother in arms.

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