Angry Beards Harden Beard Brush


Using a brush is not only a benefit for the beard, but literally a necessity. Proper brushing removes dead skin cells, and if you brush your beard immediately after applying oil or balm, you will evenly spread the product over the entire length of the beard.

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Angry Beards Harden Beard Brush

Angry Beards Harden Beard Brush

Say goodbye to the tangled beard and brush it from the roots to the tips.


    • Perfect brush from the roots to the tips
    • Combination of bristles embedded in beech wood
    • Stimulating and antistatic effect
    • Rough bristles for ideal brushing
    • Perfect size and shape


Angry Beards brush is 10.3 * 6.3 cm. By Beardon’s law, the perfect size is enriched with aerodynamic cuts on the sides, perfection. In addition, it is made of beech wood and of synthetic and boar bristles, which have anti static effects. They also smooth the beard and really help with brushing. This brush is ideal for longer beards (over 15 cm). It brushes them perfectly thanks to rough bristles and spaces between them.


Brush ideally after using some of Angry Beards products (oil, balm etc.). Avoid dry brushing. It won’t feel good, but the beard can also be broken or damaged in some other way. Brushing your chin once or twice per day is enough – as the saying goes, less is sometimes more. Too frequent brushing can lead to beard loss.


Angry Beards brush is made of beech wood, which is considered hardwood. While brushing your beard, your log should also be really hard. It feels so good. Or are they just weird. Who knows. This great wood has rounded edges and an oval shape of 10.3 * 6.3 cm, so it fits perfectly in your hand.

The brush contains the ideal amount of boar and synthetic bristles to achieve the greater stiffness required by longer beards (over 15 cm). At the same time, they left gaps between the bristles to get between the longer beard hairs to really brush them. Their other brush Gentler can offer only small tickle to the longer beards, so use him to brush shorter beards.

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