Mr.Bear Family: Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl


Mr Bear Family Shaving Bowl Stainless Steel

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Mr.Bear Family: Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl

Mr.Bear Family: Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl

A perfect bowl for lathering your shaving soap or our own shaving soap with scents Mint and Buckthorn. The high edge allows you to whip up a magnificent shaving foam without any mess. The enamel bowl is handmade and made to last for a very long time.

If you get geeked about frothy, foamy lather, then you might want to consider a shaving bowl.

  • Design: a shaving bowl is engineered to get you the best lather possible.
  • Control: A shaving bowl can help you control how much lather you create as well. Instead of lathering directly on the puck/tub, it is best to load the brush and then bring it to the bowl to complete the lather. You can add water slowly and watch it form the perfect lather. Getting a shaving bowl that fits in the palm of your hand also allows you to control your grip and whip quickly.
  • Longevity: Whipping up a shaving bowl of lather means that it can stay safe and warm while you do multiple passes. If you palm lather, you can’t really do another pass without also re-whipping and it creates a mess on your hands. Face lathering also requires additional whipping for every pass. But with a shaving bowl, you can create your lather once for multiple passes, and if the bowl is ceramic, you can warm it with hot water before the lather and it will retain heat and keep your lather warm. Win, win.

All Mr. Bear Family products are Vegan!

About the Mr. Bear Family Products:

The ingredients used for their products are carefully selected and of high quality. Mr Bear Family use natural ingredients. They strive to make products that work in symbiosis with our bodies and nature. Not many people know this, but Mr Bear Family has its own manufacturing facilities.

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