Angry Beards Shaving Gel 250ml


Transparent gel is the last part of the puzzle so that your beard is luxuriously shaped like from a barber.



Angry Beards Shaving Gel 250ml

Angry Beards Shaving Gel 250ml :

Transparent and non-foaming shaving gel in the fragrance of Jack Saloon. It’s about time, huh?


    • Honest czech product
    • Constant visibility of what you shave
    • Smooth shave, without unnecessary irritation
    • Soothing and care substances
    • The notorious fragrance of Jack Saloon

Use :

Apply a thin layer of gel to the area you want to shave. Gently massage into the skin and shave. Always shave in the direction of growth. If you just want to adjust the contours and shape beard on your neck, which we firmly hope for, use shavetta, where you will use full advantage of the transparent gel and you will know what you are shaving at all times.


A year and a half of developing such a trivial product, Angry Beards must improve. On the other hand, with a clear conscience, they can introduce you to their transparent, non-foaming shaving gel. They built it on an acrylic polymer with cationic charges, just don’t ask them what it is. Daddy Chemist said that it would be so, and so it is. It glides luxuriously, does not irritate the skin unnecessarily and that is the key for them.

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