Slick Gorilla Semi Permanent Hair Colour Turquoise 100ml


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Slick Gorilla Semi Permanent Hair Colour Turquoise 100ml

Slick Gorilla Semi Permanent Hair Colour Turquoise 100ml


This is hair colour done differently. Designed exclusively for men. Our colour allows you to take your hair to the next level.  This colour has been developed with men’s hair in mind, featuring high quality dye pigments for a true tone on short to medium length hair.

Our black can create unique details or be used for full coverage, for a semi-permanent look. All colours have been designed to work with men in mind. This black is a simple but effective shade that stands out best on all lengths of hair. Our semi-permanent hair colours are designed to last between 5-6 washes. Colours can vary depending on base colour of your hair, condition, porosity & other factors. See colour guide.


Paint the colour onto hair using brush or hands (using gloves). Ensure an even coverage of colour over hair. Saturation is key. Wait approx 40-45 minutes. Rinse hair fully with cold water until water runs clear.

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About Slick Gorilla

Slick Gorilla was born on the streets and in the barbershops of Leeds back in 2016. And that’s the culture they were raised on.

Now, Slick Gorilla products are used all over the world. Their volumising powder may have changed the hair styling game forever, but they still never forget where they came from. Or what that means.

As a brand, much like the products we produce, we believe in the raw power of creativity. Embracing individuality and wearing it with confidence. In fashion, in barbering, in people and style.

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