Angry Beards Matt Clay ‘Mic Bjukenen’


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Angry Beards Matt Clay ‘Mic Bjukenen’

Angry Beards Matt Clay ‘Mic Bjukenen’

Say goodbye to bed hair and as a bonus get nutrition for your hair.

    • Honest czech product
    • Hairstyle that can be easily changed during the day
    • Natural matt look
    • Hair and skin nutrition
    • Classic men’s fresh fragrance


Water, VP / VA copolymer, kaolin, lanolin and beeswax are the basic ingredients of this masterpiece. Every necessary ingredient is in there, nothing more, nothing less. And the fragrance is just so fucking good.

Package of 120g


Take the necessary amount with your finger, rub it into your palm and grind it well in both palms and between your fingers. Then apply to your hair wherever you want to have some shape and order. From roots to ends regardless of the style you want to create. This is a crazy phase, so just apply it everywhere. Wait for example half a minute and then start with the final shaping. You can change your hairstyle during the day, and if you get tired of having the best looking hair among the boyz in da hood, you can just rinse your head with water and the clay is gone.

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