Slick Gorilla Bleaching Kit


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Slick Gorilla Bleaching Kit

Slick Gorilla Bleaching Kit


Want to go blonde? Our bleaching kit contains all the base elements to take you there. Our bleaching kit provides the key elements needed to lift hair towards blonde up to 6 levels. 1 kit per 1 short head of hair, longer hair may require 2 or more kits. Darker bases may take more time or process to achieve a lighter result. Kit contains 25gram bleach powder, 50ml peroxide, application brush, mixing tray, mixing stick & protective gloves.

The kit contains bleach powder & peroxide developer (30vol-9%) which when mixed together using the guidelines creates the perfect blends to take out the natural pigments of the hair evenly to create a natural blonde. Our bleach kit lifts your hair up to 6 levels taking you from your base colour towards a blonde. Darker bases may take more time or process to achieve a lighter result.


Protect yourself and wear gloves. Mix bleach powder & peroxide, as per instructions, using application brush until creamy. Apply evenly to dry, unwashed hair. Do not massage the product into the scalp. After 25-30 minutes, check progress. If your hair has risen to a light blonde continue to step 3. If not leave bleach on for a further 10-15 minutes, then continue to step 3. Bleach may result in a tingling sensation to scalp.

Wash entire hair with warm water, ensuring all excess bleach is removed from hair. We recommend using Slick Gorilla No Yellow Shampoo for best results. To maintain your blonde, continue to use the Slick Gorilla No Yellow Shampoo.

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About Slick Gorilla

Slick Gorilla was born on the streets and in the barbershops of Leeds back in 2016. And that’s the culture they were raised on.

Now, Slick Gorilla products are used all over the world. Their volumising powder may have changed the hair styling game forever, but they still never forget where they came from. Or what that means.

As a brand, much like the products we produce, we believe in the raw power of creativity. Embracing individuality and wearing it with confidence. In fashion, in barbering, in people and style.

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