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Save ya own skin fellas because no one else will!

  • 100% natural ingredients which are great for sensitive skin.
  • Contains shea butter & olive oil for extra hydration & beeswax to help relieve itching.
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties help calm down little nicks you might get shaving.

Scent: A patchouli and bergamot rustic scent reminiscent of aged wood with a hint of zesty citrus.
Size: 30g
Use: Rub in your hands and then massage it into yer chops.

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Mr. Natty’s Save Ya Own Skin moisturising butter contains only 100% natural ingredients so as not to irritate sensitive skin. We pack this full of shea butter and olive oil because they are both great at hydrating your skin. Simple. It also includes beeswax, a known anti-allergenic that helps relieve itching. It’s also anti-inflammatory so any little nicks you might make while shaving can be calmed down with a quick rub. Patchouli and Bergamot oil lend a rich, rustic scent that is reminiscent of aged wood and adventure and there’s a little hint of zesty citrus there too.

Give it a quick rub in your hands and then massage it into yer chops. We made this to keep your skin moisturised and, like all Natty goods, it smells amazing. The pot isn’t massive, but you don’t need a lot. You only need a little on your face, a spot about the size of a penny. Rub it in well to make sure it’s evenly applied. Should there be any excess just work it into your hands, they are often neglected. Just don’t go crazy with it, you don’t want shine, just moisture. Using it before lights out works a treat. It’s nice to have something working for you while you sleep.

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