Bullfrog Shower Gel Secret Potion No.2


An avant-garde texture to deeply cleanse the hair, face and body and obtain a more authentic appearance of well-being.

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Bullfrog Shower Gel Secret Potion No.2

Bullfrog Shower Gel Secret Potion No.2

Apply a walnut-sized amount of the product to wet hair, face and body. Massage with circular movements and rinse with plenty of water.

About Bullfrog

A range of products that, for quality and size, are perfect for the needs of professional world.

A fundamental step to ensure everyone access to our products, encouraging the spread of the brand and the famous Bullfrog Effect.

An oasis of well-being in the center of Milan, to enjoy a break from the stress of every day. Bullfrog’S Grooming Lounge experience, the brand’s latest step, is based on a philosophy that best meets the needs of today’s man, offering exclusive treatments based on high quality products.

A necessary step for their customers, which once again underlines the brand’s spirit of innovation, which does not stop renewing and renewing itself.

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