Angry Beards Beard Hydro Drunken Dane


Beards are as thirsty as a Dane. If you underestimate your drinking regime, prepare yourself for breaking, tangling, dandruff, and itching. So, how to hydrate? With Hydro!

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Angry Beards Beard Hydro Drunken Dane

Angry Beards Beard Hydro Drunken Dane

Beards are as thirsty as Danes, and when they aren’t hydrated enough, they break, they get scraggly, flake, itch and they don’t look healthy at first glance. Oils and balms are great support for maintaining hydration, but where there’s nothing, there’s nothing to maintain. Treat your beard to a massive dose of fresh moisture. Make Beard Hydro part of your regular routine; it’s specially trained in hydration. A purely functional, fragrance-free affair, then you can throw on any perfume or oil you like.

You know the moment when you wake up after a night drinking and there’s a flaming desert in your mouth? That’s exactly how your beard feels when it isn’t properly hydrated. Unlike you, it doesn’t run around the house quenching its thirst with last night’s leftovers. Instead, dry beards break and tangle, parched skin itches and flakes. So, we’ve brewed up specialized Beard Hydro, a specialist beard treatment to help you fight off the burning thirst. Does your beard suffer from any of the ailments listed above? Then we highly recommend Hydro. Try sending Hydro into your beard before a traditional oil or balm and you’ll see that your already perfect beard can be that much better.

Spray your beard and the skin under it with Hydro once a day and work it in with your fingers. Ideally in the morning or evening, but always on a clean beard.

PRO TIP: Add oil or balm to your beard shortly after Hydro to help maintain the moisturizing effect as well as other benefits.

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