Angry Beards Foot Deodorant Faksaver


Old wisdom says the first hole you penetrate on a woman is her nose. And you really don’t want to penetrate it with foot odour! Take FAKSAVER and then three cheers for perfume.

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Angry Beards Foot Deodorant Faksaver

Angry Beards Foot Deodorant Faksaver

Two squirts are always better than none. Win the battle of the stinky feet. After dirt under the fingernails, they’re the number one reason a guy doesn’t score. A high-octane blend of blood orange and thyme essential oils will help reduce foot odour and prevent rotten cock-blocking foot smell.

You were a match made for each other like a movie cut-out. The first three dates went surprisingly well, and sparks flew like downed power lines. Now you’ve taken off your shoes in her hallway and you know it’s the end. You were beaten by your own feet. Their stink created a cock-blocking bubble around you, and all you can do is either run away or run to the bathroom, rinse your socks and start desperately scrubbing your feet in the sink. If only you’d known about FAKSAVER sooner! Just a pre-emptive morning spraying of your feet with the high-octane mixture of rubbing alcohol and essential oils of blood orange and thyme wouldn’t have given foot aroma a chance to send you to bench!

Spray the deodorant on your feet, ideally every morning. It works to prevent foot odour, so freshen up your feet before sports or any vigorous physical activity where you want to stay in top form. And if there’s no time for a shower after the gym, FAKSAVER takes care of it.

It’s really easy. Roll up your pant legs, grab the deodorant and spray it directly on the skin of your feet. Then just let them breathe freely for a moment. And with aromatic feet, maybe you’ll even succeed in spraying something else somewhere else…

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