Angry Beards Beard Jelly Meky Gajvr


We’ve taken quality oils and transformed them into a fabulous light jelly, oleogel consistency. The application is an experience you’ll never get enough of.

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Angry Beards Beard Jelly Meky Gajvr

Angry Beards Beard Jelly Meky Gajvr

Yes! In our Třebíč lab we managed to mix up an absolutely fabulous jelly. It’s thicker than oil, packed with the best you can send to a beardie. Meky is a versatile dude who will help nourish and moisturize your beard and skin, give you a wicked shine, and even help with a light straightening. Packed with vitamin E balls, Inca Inchi oil, and squalane. The ultimate gourmet food for special events.

Meky Gajvr made a welder out of a quarter and starter cables, a bazooka out of a gear lever and a seat. That’s exactly the kind of versatile, do-it-all dude our jelly is. It’s got an addictive consistency that will get into any kind of beard in a flash. We guarantee that you’ll enjoy the jelly a lot. It’ll help nourish your beard and skin like an oil, plus hydrate and boost with protection and repair of operational damage thanks to its glycerin and water content. At the same time, it’ll add wicked shine to your beard and with prolonged use, easily straighten unruly curls – there’s beard wax for instant styling. And the smell? That’s an epic delight, a fresh herbal trip that’ll grab you and not let go.

Scoop out the necessary amount depending on the length of your beard. With dry fingers, crush the vitamin balls and apply to the beard and moustache. Then massage the beard and the skin underneath to get the jelly everywhere. Apply to your clean, dry beard 1-2 times a day or as needed.

PRO TIP: Jelly is great for nourishing and moisturizing the beard and skin. Seasoned beardmen apply jelly mainly under the beard and where it itches the most. For moustaches, cheeks, and final styling touches, they use wax or a harder balm and a brush with a blow dryer.

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