The Icon: The Perfume 100ml


Reaching success is not an easy task. Doing away with the extras to stay with what is truly relevant is an exercise that tests your judgment.

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The ICON The Perfume: the formula for success by Antonio Banderas

An eau de parfum for men full of mystery that is discovered bit by bit and which represents the iconic masculine scents.  The essence of success: a combination of black pepper, suede and amber accord. Ingredients with their own intensity that together create an intense and long-lasting eau de parfum fragrance.

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About Antonio Banderas:

Firstly, attractive. Secondly, charismatic. Lastly, Irresistibly authentic. From internationally-acclaimed actor to photographer, film director, and fashion designer. Antonio Banderas has succeeded in winning over the heart of Hollywood and the rest of the world with his unrivaled passion.

It is said that a fragrance has the power to awaken the senses. It transports you to the aromas of home, remind you of an ocean breeze, reveal a tempting secret, turn you into a master of seduction…

…or reveal the “Diavolo” we all have within.

“My relationship with fragrances has been lifelong. It’s part of who I am and, over the years, has become a true passion.

A journey full of aromas and seduction that I invite you to discover.”

Antonio Banderas fragrances have evolved throughout the years, based on his many facets, but have always shared one common thread, which is seduction.

Each scent entails an arduous process that starts with the initial selection of ingredients and raw materials and ends with the perfect combination of aromas – aromas that are the essence of the actor, of his experiences, memories, the different stages in his life, and, of course, artistic trends and current fashions.

Antonio has become the alpha and omega of all his fragrances, taking part in the creation process from beginning to end.

“I’m not a chemist. I don’t know how to make a perfume, but when I speak with Puig about my experiences, my adventures, my perspective on life. The perfumers use those emotions and feelings to give shape to a fragrance that reflects my personality. In short, a truly distinctive scent.”

Antonio Banderas

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The Icon

Base Notes

Benzoin, labdanum, Patcholi, Vetiver

Middle Notes

Cypress, Lavender, Orris, Suede

Top Notes

Black Pepper, Grapefruit, Juniper


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