Scandinavian Biolabs Scalp Stimulating Massager


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Scandinavian Biolabs Scalp Stimulating Massager

Scandinavian Biolabs Scalp Stimulating Massager  is specifically developed to support the 3-Step Hair Growth Routine. With the dual function of exfoliating and stimulating the scalp, it assists the 3-step routine with hair regrowth while promoting a balanced, healthier appearing scalp.

How did Scandinavian Biolabs get thier start?

In the era of digitalization, they had an urge to create something real – products which would solve a real problem. They teamed up with the best experts to develop high-quality solution to hair loss.

What makes their products unique?

Their trademarked Bio-Pilixin formulation was clinically tested and proven to reduce hair loss by 57% within 150 days without any harmful side effects.

Where is Scandinavian Biolabs based?

Development of formulations, testing and production of Scandinavian Biolabs products occurs in close proximity to the headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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