Angry Beards Hair Shot Tonic 100ml


Cleansing takes place thanks to a number of ingredients, led by denatured alcohol, it’s called Hair shot for a reason. So the hair will be provisionally clean and will not have to be destroyed by excessive shampooing.

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Angry Beards Hair Shot Tonic 100ml

Angry Beards Hair Shot Tonic 100ml :

It’s not good to wash hair every day. But what if they need some kind of a boost the next day after washing? Alternatively, if you live in the Eat, Sleep, Party/Work, Repeat style, sometimes you simply don’t have time to wash, although it would be preferable in front of dates, business meetings and the like. Exactly for moments like these, the Hair Shot tonic was born.


    • Honest Czech product
    • Perfect boost for hair
    • Cleans, refreshes, moisturizes, nourishes and scents
    • Gives a natural slightly wet look
    • It has an anti-dandruff effect

Application :

When hair is very thirsty, treat them with a large shot. If they only need a little boost, a half-shot will be enough. Simply pour the required amount into the palm of your hand, soak your other hand too and massage it into your hair and skin. When applying it always spills a bit, but do not worry about it. Use whenever needed, but Angry Beards do not recommend more than twice a day, don’t overdo it.


Like us, hair sometimes needs a small boost, so Angry Beards decided to make a drink just for them. Their Hair shot tonic cleanses, refreshes, scents, nourishes and hydrates hair. In addition, it is also helpful against dandruff. If dandruff are parachuting from you like Americans parachuted from planes during Market Garden, it won’t help you much, but it can help you solve a problem you don’t even know you have.

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