Scandinavian Biolabs Activation Serum


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Scandinavian Biolabs Activation Serum

Scandinavian Biolabs Activation Serum is designed to help slow down hair loss, powered by ingredients inspired by nature. Carefully crafted by experts to encourage stronger and thicker hair. Contains plant growth factors, some of which has been developed through stem cell technology,  to help nurture hair follicles and encourage hair growth.

  • Clinically tested with results shown in 150 days
  • Helps reduce hair loss
  • Encourages stronger and thicker hair
  • Dermatologically tested & made in Denmark
  • Drug-free, inspired by nature

How Exactly Does The Bio-Pilixin Serum Work?

The Bio-Pilixin formula aims to help re-balance the natural hair growth cycle through a mix of several active ingredients. It is primarily supported by plant based ingredients or by ingredients produced to mimic the exact same molecular structure as in their natural counterpart.

A vast majority of hair loss cases are due to an undesired alteration in the natural hair growth cycle. Several known factors influence hair loss, including genetics, hormones, illness, medications, and lifestyle. Any of these underlying factors may alter hair follicle cycling, resulting in a shorter anagen phase, delayed anagen phase, or hair thinning.

While they may not have control over factors like our genetics, their initial clinical research has shown that after 150 days of using the Hair Activation Serum, they could measure an increase in the growth phase and a decrease in the rest phase of the hair growth cycle in a majority of the study participants.

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