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Brighton Beard

Brighton Beard Ruxley Leather Wash Bag : Beautifully crafted with an honest, elegant design composed of carefully chosen cuts of leather. This wash bag has a timeless style that will age exquisitely. Developing an amazing deep golden colour with regular use. With a roll-over design featuring The Brighton Beard Co. logo on the inner panel and a simple leather tie closure. This can be used to keep the bag open whilst in use. Large enough to house all of your grooming wares, yet neat and well-proportioned. This classic wash bag will make the perfect gift that will last for years.

Size :

24 x 10 x 10cm

Brighton Beard Ruxley Leather Wash Bag Composition

Outer 100% cowhide leather
Inner 100% cowhide sueder

Antique brass rivets

One fine morning, Old Joll and the rest of his merry men were ferrying a fine selection of tea inland, when a group of tea-hating grinches crashed the party. Old Joll and the groombridge gang were having none of it, and so marched them at gun point for four hours. A man of his word, Joll returned their weapons like he had said, if they promised to keep the tea hush-hush. And the moral of this story is karma, my friends. Be good to Old Joll, and Old Joll will be good to you;

Be good to your beard and your beard will be good to you.

Established, designed and manufactured in the seaside town of Brighton, our brand encapsulates the style and spirit of the bearded lifestyle.

The Brighton Beard Co. was founded in 2013 by couple Lloyd and Jessica, who wanted to create a distinctive beard-care range that championed both style and nourishment for the urban beardsman.

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