Angry Beards Shower Gel Body & Balls Urban Twofinger


Wash, rinse, dry and repeat. On the 13th try, we put together a formula with activated charcoal that lathers and washes like wildfire.

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Angry Beards Shower Gel Body & Balls Urban Twofinger

Angry Beards Shower Gel Body & Balls Urban Twofinger

Remember the commercial for dishwashing liquid where one bottle washed all the plates from a table that was 100 yards long? That’s exactly how this shower gel works now that it’s been perfected in the Angry Beards lab after more than a year and a half. Even a small drop of shower gel lasts a long time – Body & Balls washes you up to 69 times more than you would expect. This’ll dress you up in the addictive scent of Urban Twofinger, infused with sandalwood. Just a drop, and you’ll be a chick magnet.

Why you want it :

  • The first shower gel developed not only for your body, but especially for your balls
  • Foam like no other – thick as honey
  • Less is enough to wash more
  • The woody, spicy scent of Urban Twofinger
  • Proudly produced in Czechia

What does a guy want after a shower? Honestly. We’re simpler than that, we just need it to wash really well and last a long time. No homeopathic that you have to use a ton of. We want a hell of a concentrated detergent that washes away all the mess and sin that sticks to us all the time. That’s why we’ve concentrated Angry Beards shower gel so much that any thicker would make it soap. We’re not trying to honey-coat it, but this foam even stretches like honey. Simply the One & Only. There’s no need to say more, you’ve just got to try it!

Squeeze into your palm a drop the size of a five-cent coin and start rubbing. If you’re a beast gifted with a body like a young Arnie, you might use a little more. And then just rinse, dry and repeat!

PRO TIP: The shower gel is thick. Like, really thick! It sticks together and flows slower than honey, so it’s nice to fluff it up and lather it up a bit in your hands before you start scrubbing the fur on your chest with it. But, yeah, it’s thick as thick can be.

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