Angry Beards Shoe Spray Datesaver 200 ML


Stinky shoes are as deadly to dating as cryptonite is to Clark Kent. Fight them with the heaviest caliber and never hesitate to take off your shoes again, anytime, anywhere!

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Angry Beards Shoe Spray Datesaver 200 ML

Angry Beards Shoe Spray Datesaver 200 ML

Stinking shoes can poison your day, nuff said. Whether you’re a huge sportsman, keep your feet crammed in shoes all day, or you’re just a sweaty beast, don’t despair. SAVER is here. Introducing the most effective helper in the fight against shoe stink. Just spray it in your shoes, leave them overnight, and slip them on in the morning. Meet DATESAVER!

Why you want it :

  • The end of stinky shoes
  • Take your shoes off anytime, anywhere
  • The smell of hygienic cleanliness
  • Trigger sprayer for easy-peasy use
  • Proudly produced in Czechia

After a whole day of running around like a chicken with its head cut off, it’s finally evening. Plus, that cute kitten finally agreed to go out on a date. Uh, a glass of wine, that is. Everything’s going brilliantly, drinking glass after glass. Cut. Passionate kissing at the front door. Then the fateful question “Do you want to come in?” Of course you do! You slip off your shoes and… it’s over. She starts coughing and coughing and coughing, she’s suffocating. So, you quickly put your shoes back on and head for the hills. If you don’t know this situation, we sure do. Especially in summertime, it’s pure hell. So, don’t worry, you’re not in it alone. That’s why we came up with DATESAVER – the uncompromising shoe-stink killer.

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