Angry Beards Safe Brush


Using a brush is not only a benefit for the beard, but literally a necessity. Proper brushing removes dead skin cells, and if you brush your beard immediately after applying oil or balm, you will evenly spread the product over the entire length of the beard.

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Angry Beards Safe Brush

Angry Beards Safe Brush

The first brush that can survive atomic war. Probably.


    • Perfect brush from the roots to the tips
    • Boar bristles embedded in beech wood
    • Stimulating and antistatic effect
    • Easily fits into hand
    • Metal safe


  • This brush has a diameter of 6.7 cm and is perfectly round compared to other brushes. It has a rounded cut around the periphery to better fit the hand. It is made of beech wood which is embedded with boar bristles, which have anti static effects.They also smooth the beard and really help with brushing. The big advantage is also a metal safe in which we provide it so you don’t have to worry when you carry it around.


  • Brush ideally after using some of Angry Beards products (oil, balm etc.). Avoid dry brushing. It won’t feel good, but the beard can also be broken or damaged in some other way. Brushing your chin once or twice per day is enough – as the saying goes, less is sometimes more. Too frequent brushing can lead to beard loss.


Apart from the round design, the main difference is the way of storage. Gentler and Harden are delivered in a cotton sack, where they are cool when you hang them at home. But it is not ideal for travel. The bristles can bend and fray in all directions or be damaged in some other way. But that can’t happen to you with this cute safe.

Angry Beards provide it in a metal safe, where he surely will be safe regardless of the situation. The metal box is 6 cm in height and 8.7 cm in periphery and is lined with laser cut foam directly to the size of the brush so that the brush fits right in.

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