Angry Beards Hair Dryer


You change the oil in your car automatically, don’t you? In the same way, your body needs lubrication before the red light comes on. Don’t play macho, grab the lotion so you don’t burn your skin.

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Angry Beards Hair Dryer

Angry Beards Hair Dryer

The shape of the  Mjölnir hair dryer is adapted directly to men’s hands. The design of the hair dryer is inspired by Vikings and the gods of the Nordic Asgard. Simple control of the hair dryer with the help of 2 levels of speed and together with the temperature. You can use a cold air button to fix the hairstyle. The handle of the hair dryer is complemented by a designer softshell sleeve, which prevents the hair dryer from slipping in your hand. In addition, the power of the hair dryer is a perfect 2000 watts. The hair dryer cable is 1.7 meters long. The hair dryer has control buttons on the inside of the handle. The package includes a removable air nozzle.

Color: silver

– hair dryer
– fits perfectly in men’s hands
– design inspired by vikings and gods of the Nordic Asgard
– control of 2 speed levels together with temperature
– cold air button
– button placement on the inside of the handle
– softshell sleeve for a better grip of the hair dryer
– hair dryer cable length 1.7 m
– power 2000 W

Package includes:
– air nozzle

About Angry Beards

They’re a constantly growing gang of overgrown kids who do everything they get their hands on with full balls. They try to make quality products at affordable prices whilst providint unparalleled service. They also try to entertain themselves and you in the process. Sometimes they strike gold, while at other times their awkward humour doesn’t fall on fertile ground, but that’s showbiz, baby.

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