Angry Beards Carbon Brush All-Rounder


You change the oil in your car automatically, don’t you? In the same way, your body needs lubrication before the red light comes on. Don’t play macho, grab the lotion so you don’t burn your skin.

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Angry Beards Carbon Brush All-Rounder

Angry Beards Carbon Brush All-Rounder

Beards, shorter hair, and unruly pubic hair throughout the galaxy obediently bow down before the Carbon Brush. It is the Darth Vader of brushes. A cosmic black beast uniquely woven with carbon fibers and carved to the ergonomics of a man’s grip. So tough, it can survive the crash of an Imperial Cruiser. Cleverly designed bristles in two lengths, and the force is with them. It’ll groom growth, circulate blood to your skin, work oil in, and remove debris and dead cells. The very best that the dark side has on offer.

Why you want it….

  • A multi-talent for brushing beards, shorter hair, and all kinds of hair growths
  • Skin stimulation for more profuse growth
  • Dark ergonomic design cut with carbon
  • Special double row of plastic bristles
  • Proudly produced in Czechia

How to use it :

The Carbon Brush handles beards, shorter hair, and other growths with ease. Gently brush through your hair, chest hair or your young one’s beaver whenever you like. No big preparation necessary.

Brush and groom dry, damp, or completely wet hair with no worries. Whip it into shape.

If you want to use oil, balm, or any other product before brushing, feel free. Just make sure you don’t load your brush up with all sorts of greasy stuff. And if it starts collecting gunk, just wipe the mess off the bristles with a damp rag.

About Angry Beards

They’re a constantly growing gang of overgrown kids who do everything they get their hands on with full balls. They try to make quality products at affordable prices whilst providint unparalleled service. They also try to entertain themselves and you in the process. Sometimes they strike gold, while at other times their awkward humour doesn’t fall on fertile ground, but that’s showbiz, baby.

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