Angry Beards Calm Balls Gift Set


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Angry Beards Calm Balls Gift Set

Angry Beards Calm Balls Gift Set

Show your man how much you care about him. Gift him complete balls care in a tasteful sack.

    • Honest Czech product
    • Complete balls care
    • Sport lubricant Antistick
    • Ball deodorant Antisweat
    • Tasteful gift sack


Antisweat deodorant :

Gentle oleogel with a high content of components that absorb sweat, grease, and actively act against bacteria causing unwanted odors. Natural extracts of sage and Matcha green tea regulate excessive sweating and give the skin a fresh feeling.

Antistick sport lubricant :

Traditional and practice-tested composition based on medical Vaseline, enriched with antioxidant additives and natural extracts, which calm your sack even under the heaviest load.

Antistick 100 ml, Antisweat 150 ml.


Antisweat – Apply to a dry and preferably clean ball sack for better absorption. Apply a thin layer of cream over the entire area of the ball sack with your fingers. Wait for it to dry, or dust the white areas if you have overdone it with the amount somewhere. Use whenever needed.

Antistick – Take the required amount, depends on your balls, grind it in the palm of your hand and apply it on your massive ball sack. If there is something left on your hands, you can also rub it on your thighs, reducing stickiness to an absolute minimum.


Don’t let anything slow you down, not even your own balls. Thanks to Antistick, you will reduce the stickiness of your ball sack and you will be able to enjoy movement without any limitations. Whether you are a recreational or top athlete, football player, tennis player or even a climber, with Antistick any sport will be on a completely different level.

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