Angry Beards Anti-sweat Ball Deodorant 150ml


Antisweat not only fights with sweat, but also with odors that accompany such a sweaty sack. So if, after a long day, the wife asks if she could see your treasures, you can proudly show her.

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Angry Beards Anti-sweat Ball Deodorant 150ml

Angry Beards Anti-sweat Ball Deodorant 150ml

Antisweat, deodorant for your balls. It is not always physical exhaustion that causes the so-called itchy balls. Stress, mental exertion and many other things have a negative impact on your treasures. Thanks to Antisweat, you will have less to worry about and your bottom will be dry in every situation. Well, if anyone would want to see it, you can proudly show it to him/her.


    • Honest czech product
    • The end of a sweaty balls
    • Odor control technology
    • Hydration and nutrition
    • Fast absorption

Use :

Apply to a dry and preferably clean ball sack for better absorption. Apply a thin layer of cream over the entire area of the ball sack with your fingers. Wait for it to dry, or dust the white areas if you have overdone it with the amount somewhere. Use whenever needed.


Antisweat is a deodorant suitable for any situation where movement and physical exertion are not the cause of sweating. It is therefore not suitable for athletes, for movers, cooks and the like. Angry Beards developed Antistick for them. Antisweat is designed for all office rats, e-athletes, chess players and similar professions, where there is not so much physical effort. The main purpose is the same, happy ball sack, paths to it subject to specific activities.


What is Odor control technology? Fiction regarding parfume, here it is a fact. A mixture with a high content of sweat- and grease-absorbing ingredients that actively counteracts bacteria that cause unwanted odors. At the same time, Antisweat is enriched with natural extracts of sage and Matcha green tea, regulating excessive sweating and giving the skin a fresh feeling.

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