A Portrait of a Dream Guy (from a dream girl’s perspective)

A Portrait of a Dream Guy (from a dream girl’s perspective)

This article was posted by an anonymous female blogger. 

If you expect this article “A Portrait of a Dream Guy” to be a manual on how to turn into a mountain of muscles with shaped abs then we are sorry to disappoint you. Looks are a matter of taste, as you know, but intelligence is a dream guy’s ultimately essential feature.

have passion

Do not think being intelligent classifies you as a nerd, not at all! Besides, by intelligence we do not mean you have to know function ingration, it rather is a collection of interests and passions. Whether you love astronomy and think the night sky is the most amazing thing in the world, or in love with nature, or with literature, or, perhaps, you are an expert in films – it all makes you interesting. Life without passions would be boring … as much as a person without interests.

 A dream guy also ought to be charismatic. Sounds difficult? Nope, it is simple. Self-confidence plus a broad smile plus ability to support a conversation and – voilà! – it is done. Let us not forget another intrinsic ingredient of charisma – sense of humor! Somebody smart said “If you have no sense of humor, you have no sense at all”, and it is hard to disagree. With intelligence and charisma the portrait of a dream guy is 70% complete. Do you still doubt that it is easy to win a girl’s heart without massive biceps? Men like Jean-Paul Belmondo and Woody Allen, whose physique does not match with the standard definition of hunk, and who, nevertheless, are very popular with the ladies, the best proof of this thesis.

Every girl is a princess and needs attention. A word of advice – be a gentleman. Be on the same level as your dream girl, surround her with care and be worthy her. Let us uncover another secret of irresistible charm: it is a truth acknowledged among ladies that perfection is a man who is a gentleman at dinner and an animal in bed. With the later, we trust, you do not need advices. Just relieve your inner passions and let them guide you!

Surprised we have not mentioned anything about looks yet? Here you go: feel comfortable in your own skin, it is a universal advice. Every girl has her own idea what attractive looks like and it is impossible to satisfy everyone. Do not try to impress, just be yourself. It always works.