The Gift of the Beard and How You Should Grow It

The Gift of the Beard and How You Should Grow It – 10 Steps

If you think that shaving beards is for wussies, here is a 10-step by step manual on how you should grow your own beard! Those who have the gift of the beard should share that gift by growing the beard for all to see.

  1. Obviously, start growing some. Commitment is key! Stick to your resolution no matter what.
  2. Choose a bearded role model to serve as inspiration during the hard times.
  3. You can become self conscious, do not worry. Man Up and be proud.
  4. You should now pick your beard style. No hasty decision this is purely a man thing.
  5. Make the best out of what you have, light vs dense hair opt for different styles.
  6. Keep in mind that The beard is a gift and gifts differ among men.
  7. Common mistake to avoid is premature shaping!
  8. Do not let itching deny you your beard! Use some beard conditioner to ease it a bit.
  9. As it grows longer, you need to learn some beard maintenance skills.
  10. Find a barber you trust and let him do the perfect styling for you.

Look at growing a beard as an adventure which may lead you to some kind of self-discovery.