Slick Gorilla Hair Strength Gummies


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Slick Gorilla Hair Strength Gummies

Slick Gorilla Hair Strength Gummies


Strengthen & keep hair healthy with our biotin hair gummies. The perfect addition to your daily routine. Strengthen your hair, keeping it healthier for longer. With a sweet watermelon flavour. Designed to give your hair a boost of biotin (vitamin b7) the protein that is most abundant in your hair & beard.


For adults. Take 2 gummies daily. Do not exceed the recommended amount.

What is in the Gummies?


What will the Gummies do for my hair?

The Gummies support hair to be healthier by providing bitoin, a key component of hair enabling growth and strength.

Are there any side effect?

Not for the average user, however all users should check the ingredients firstly to ensure Gummies are safe for them.

How long should i take the Gummies?

We recommend that our Gummies are added into your standard routine. If results surpass what is needed feel free to reduce your dosage.

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About Slick Gorilla

Slick Gorilla was born on the streets and in the barbershops of Leeds back in 2016. And that’s the culture they were raised on.

Now, Slick Gorilla products are used all over the world. Their volumising powder may have changed the hair styling game forever, but they still never forget where they came from. Or what that means.

As a brand, much like the products we produce, we believe in the raw power of creativity. Embracing individuality and wearing it with confidence. In fashion, in barbering, in people and style.

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