Scandinavian Biolabs Hair Hydration Mask+


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Scandinavian Biolabs Hair Hydration Mask+

Scandinavian Biolabs Hair Hydration Mask+

Nourish lifeless hair back to life. Inspired by nature, the Hair Hydration Mask+ focuses on science-backed ingredients, helping tame frizz, strengthen hair fibers and rescue them from breakage – just what dry, damaged strands need. Our unique blend of natural oils, a plant-based alternative to silicone, seeks to lock moisture in the hair for a silky smooth, glossy finish. Replenish your hair while enjoying this relaxing, soft nourish-scented treat!
  • Aims to provide moisture and enhance shine
  • Encourages frizz & damage control
  • Infused with ingredients shown to hydrate immediately
  • Suitable for all hair types, bleached and dyed hair

Can it be used on bleached, coloured, or chemically processed hair?

Yes, the Hair Hydration Mask+ can be safely used on bleached, coloured, or chemically processed hair. It is packed with ingredients that have shown hydrating and moisturising properties, helping to restore moisture in damaged strands. It also contains hydrolyzed quinoa, known for its colour-retention properties.

How did Scandinavian Biolabs get thier start?

In the era of digitalization, they had an urge to create something real – products which would solve a real problem. They teamed up with the best experts to develop high-quality solution to hair loss.

What makes their products unique?

Their trademarked Bio-Pilixin formulation was clinically tested and proven to reduce hair loss by 57% within 150 days without any harmful side effects.

Where is Scandinavian Biolabs based?

Development of formulations, testing and production of Scandinavian Biolabs products occurs in close proximity to the headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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