Recipe Instant Recharge Face Serum 30ml


Matte finish and a firm hold without stiffness.

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Recipe Instant Recharge Face Serum 30ml

Recipe Instant Recharge Face Serum 30ml

Instant Recharge Face Serum – This oil-free, supercharged face serum with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide strengthens your skin and helps minimize signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. The intensely hydrating formula energizes, firms and promotes an even skin tone.

Produced in Sweden, 100% vegan formulation.

Key Ingredients :

– Hyaluronic acids; High and low molecular weight. Penetrates deeply and has an anti-aging effect that plumps skin. Conditioning, strengthens skin barrier and rebuilds elasticity.
– Niacinamide 5%; stimulates collagen synthesis and improves skin texture. Regulates sebum production, reduces redness, hyper-pigmentation, and blotchiness in the skin.
– Xylitol complex; a hydrating, soothing, and moisturizing mix of xylitol sugars that optimizes the skin’s ability to stay supple and young.

How to use :

Apply to clean skin 1-2 times a day to stay fresh and preserve a youthful appearance. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer from Recipe for men.

About Recipe For Men :

Recipe for men develops advanced, and highly efficient quality products for men. They focus on visible results and problem solving. The concept is technical and cutting edge, but with an honest and straightforward approach. The motto is “logical skincare and no fuzz”. A first-rate men’s skincare line should be accessible and easy to understand. But most importantly – it should keep its promises.

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