Recipe for Men Hair & Body Kit


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Recipe for Men Hair & Body Kit

Recipe for Men Hair & Body Kit

A complete routine for body & hair in a qualitative toiletry bag! Cleanse your body with Ultra Clean Shower Gel, wash your hair with Deep Cleansing Shampoo and get outstanding wetness protection with our bestseller Alcohol-Free Antiperspirant Deodorant.

Ultra Clean Shower Gel: Step out of the shower feeling less tired and cleaner than ever before. This shower gel with grapefruit and energizing guarana brings you the ultimate freshness along with the energy boost you need to get going in the morning. Recipe for men’s dermatologically proven cleansing formula with soothing aloe vera washes skin thoroughly and leaves it feeling soft and comfortable, never tight or dry.

Deep Cleansing Shampoo: A classic deep cleansing shampoo, optimized for hair only. It cleanses and moisturizes, leaving your hair perfectly clean and energized with increased manageability, movement, and shine. The non-oily, repairing formula is rich in conditioning betaine and protecting acai extracts, which makes it perfect also for damaged or bleached hair.

Alcohol-Free Antiperspirant Deodorant: This Alcohol free antiperspirant deodorant provides outstanding wetness protection. The mild formulation with anti-irritating allantoin and caring shea butter neutralizes bacteria for long lasting odor control. Absorbs quickly. Non-staining. Non-sticky.

About Recipe For Men :

Recipe for men develops advanced, and highly efficient quality products for men. They focus on visible results and problem solving. The concept is technical and cutting edge, but with an honest and straightforward approach. The motto is “logical skincare and no fuzz”. A first-rate men’s skincare line should be accessible and easy to understand. But most importantly – it should keep its promises.

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