Proraso Professional Shaving Mug




Proraso Professional Shaving Mug

This professional shaving mug from Proraso is specially designed with ergonomic handle and built-in rils on the inside for best possible lathering. Thanks to its solid plastic, you do not have to worry about breaking it if you lose it and also get a quiet lather.


Weight: 96 g

Diameter: 11,5

Diameter bottom: 7 cm

Height: 8 cm

Shaving mugs and lathering bowls allow the shaver to whip up that all important thick creamy lather for the perfect shave.

A shaving bowl can help you control how much lather you create as well. Instead of lathering directly on the puck/tub, it is best to load the brush.  Then bring it to the bowl to complete the lather. You can add water slowly and watch it form the perfect lather.

About Proraso

Founded in 1908 by Ludovico Martelli, we’ve been setting trends in the shaving world for four generations. Proraso grows by Italy’s, and the world’s, side.

The Proraso labs create products that stand the test of time, defy passing trends and become classics. Over time, our formulas, based on natural and trusted ingredients, are enriched and improved, our packaging is refreshed and new product lines win over new admirers. But the underlying principle remains that was defined by Piero Martelli and later by his son Ludovico: to create professional, quality products that deliver a pleasurable and impeccable shave, in the barbershop and at home.


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