Proraso Azur Lime Beard Wash 200ml


Proraso’s Beard Wash is a gentle, yet effective, cleanser for both beard and skin.

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Proraso Azur Lime Beard Wash

Proraso Azur Lime Beard Wash

This Beard Wash is a gentle, yet effective, cleanser for both beard and skin. Using plant-based surfactants, this low-foaming formula works to soften and smooth even the most bristly of beards while removing dirt, debris and odors. Features the fresh, energetic scent of Azur Lime.


The intoxicating freshness of citrus interwoven with hints of energetic Mint and Juniper. Moss, Woods, and Patchouli give richness and finesse. The result is an original and balanced sensory mix.


Dampen the beard with warm water and massage the detergent deeply. After rinsing, it will give you a feeling of well-being and freshness and leave a pleasant fragrance. It is recommended to use it once or twice a week, but it can be used daily if you think it necessary.

About Proraso

Founded in 1908 by Ludovico Martelli, they have been setting trends in the shaving world for four generations. Proraso grows both locally and world wide.

The Proraso labs create products that stand the test of time. Defy passing trends and become classics. Over time, our formulas, based on natural and trusted ingredients, are enriched and improved, our packaging is refreshed and new product lines win over new admirers. But the underlying principle remains that was defined by Piero Martelli and later by his son Ludovico: to create professional, quality products that deliver a pleasurable and impeccable shave, in the barbershop and at home.

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