Omega Plastic Shaving Bowl (Gold)


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Omega Plastic Shaving Bowl (Gold)

Omega Plastic Shaving Bowl (Gold)

Gold-plated plastic Omega lathering bowl.
White inside, golden outside.
Diameter 89 mm.
Height 49mm.


Handle: Plastic

Color: Golden-Plate

What is the point of a shaving bowl?

There are several benefits to using a shaving bowl:

It helps to control the consistency of the lather: The bowl allows you to add water or soap as needed to get the perfect consistency. It keeps the lather warm: The bowl helps to keep the lather warm, which makes it more comfortable to apply to the skin.

About Omega

Their production, identified by OMEGA brand, marks a complete range of professional high quality paint brushes and rollers and a wide selection of shaving brushes and shaving sets both in bristle, badger or synthetic fibers. OMEGA‘s high quality production is due to the great experience in manufacturing and to the careful selection of raw materials.
The brand is widespread not only in Italy but all over the World, even in those countries where a well-established and qualified domestic production exists.

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