Nomad Grooming Cala Shave/Beard Oil 30ml


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Nomad Grooming Cala Shave/Beard Oil 30ml

Nomad Grooming Cala Shave/Beard Oil 30ml


Cala Shave & Beard Oil

Inspired by Calabria’s picturesque landscapes and famed bergamot orchards. Kissed by the Mediterranean sun, Calabria boasts a tradition of aromatic citrus cultivation. Dive into its aromatic essence with our blend of bergamot, bay laurel, lavender, and basil.

For shaving: Cleanse face and, while skin remains damp, warm a few drops of Cala Oil between your palms and apply. Relish in the Mediterranean aroma as you glide the razor seamlessly. After shaving, rinse and pat dry. The oil also serves wonderfully as a pre-shave conditioner and a post-shave soother.

For beard care: On freshly washed or slightly damp beard, dispense a few drops of Cala Oil into your hands. Warm it gently, then massage deeply, ensuring the oil touches the skin beneath. Style your beard to your preference. Expertly blended for all beard varieties, this oil not only deeply moisturizes but also transports you to the sunlit orchards of Calabria’s famed bergamot.

Bottle: Made of 100% glass. Pipette: Made of mixed materials. Please separate components before recycling. Label: Rocky paper label crafted from mining waste, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free.

Featured Key Ingredients:

AquaSeal Coconut: Provides deep moisture and acts as a sealant to lock in hydration, giving your beard a lustrous shine and soft feel.

Prickly Pear Seed Oil: Rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, this luxurious oil hydrates the skin and hair, promoting a healthy, well-groomed appearance.

Ubuntu Mongongo Virgin Oil: Known for its regenerative properties, this oil helps to protect and repair skin and hair, perfect for soothing the skin post-shave.

This premium blend is designed to nourish both beard and skin, offering a smooth, comfortable shave and a well-conditioned beard.

About Nomad Grooming

Nomad is a grooming brand born in 2017, which is now embracing a new chapter with a mission to offer a sustainable and personal grooming experience. Their relaunch centres on handcrafted grooming and lifestyle products made from natural ingredients, ensuring everything is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. With sustainability at their heart, they’re dedicated to building a global community of Nomads through shared experiences beyond not sales pitches.

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