Mancave Athlete Chamois Cream 100ml


Maximum performance. Minimum friction. 

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Mancave Athlete Chamois Cream 100ml

Mancave Athlete Chamois Cream

The Anti-Chafing + Anti-Microbial Moisturiser is formulated with ultra-hydrating and antri-microbial Shea Butter, Squalane, Witch Hazel, Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil for a smooth formula that can be applied to direct to skin or to clothing.


Vegan Friendly + Cruelty Free

Join the friction-free movement

Naturally derived ingredient

Anti-friction, anti-rub, anti-chafe. Take the pain out of cycling or running with your first line of defence against saddle sores or clothing chafing.

No sticky residue.

Incredibly easy to apply, our recycled plastic tube creates a bacteria-free environment for the product and also doesn’t leave a heavy sticky feeling on the skin.

Formulated for performance :

Our product is approved by our athlete ambassadors, from professional cyclists through to trail runners.

About Mancave

The good people at Mancave believe that the products you use everyday should do more than just wash or moisturise your skin. It is in fact about looking and feeling your best both inside and out.

Mancave products are uniquely formulated with carefully selected ingredients to help provide the best that clean and natural has to offer.  Without acutally compromising on performance.

Besides using these natural ingredients more importantly all of Mancave products are Cruelty-Free certified, with Vegan friendly skin & shower lines.

In Conclusion, With Mancave Less is more

No parabens

Sulphate Free
No petrochemicals
Zero phthalates
All Natural Colourings
Mineral oil Free
No aluminium

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