Doctor Bald Daily Use Lotion 200ml


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Doctor Bald Daily Use Lotion 200ml

Doctor Bald Daily Use Lotion 200ml

Hydrating lotion with a fresh and calming eect. Ultra-gentle paraben-free formula, containing natural extracts that soothe and relax the scalp. Suitable for daily use. PATENTED Ultra·clean applicator.

Special line for the care of the scalp in bald people internationally recognized with the First Prize for the Best New Innovation by the Pure Beauty Global Awards.


  • To COMBAT the HYPERHIDROSIS: avoiding the glitter and the feeling of dirt that causes excess sweating.
  • To ELIMINATE the PRURITUS: its soothing and conditioning action finishes the itching of your bald.
  • To ACTIVATES THE CAPILLARY MICROCIRCULATION: its composition contains Witch hazel, of astringent and anti-inflammatory action.
  • To CLEAN: Combats possible infections in cuts when you shave.
  • NATURAL: formula with 0 sulfates and 0 parabens.
  • HYDRATED: it helps to moisture the deeper layers of the skin thanks to its rich composition in Aloe Vera, to achieve maximum hydration. Help to your skin to not suffer more desquamation or cracked appearance.
  • COMFORT: say goodbye to the tightness. Your skin is more care than ever with the essential oils that provide to your skin elasticity.
  • REFRESHING: it experiences a unique freshness sensation with an intense aroma of mint and without irritations.

Feel your skin more comforntable and perfectly care.

How to use:

  1. Apply 4 to 8 dispenser pushes of product directly onto the head.
  2. Use the Ultra-clean applicator to carry out a circular massage.
  3. Dry with a towel.
  4. Enjoy the experience of a sparkling clean head.

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