Brighton Beard Rye Exfoliating Eucalyptus Scrub


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Brighton Beard Rye Exfoliating Eucalyptus Scrub

Green tea extract, almond and pumice work together to buff away dead cells; revealing smoother skin. Removes trapped dirt & dry skin whilst boosting regeneration.

Scrub up with this naturally enriched formula. With microscopic pumice grains and ground almond; which work to effectively refresh the complexion and remove dirt and dead cells, which can contribute to tired and dull looking skin. With Aloe Vera, coconut oil, cocoa and shea butter for a gentle yet effective exfoliation.

Suitable for all skin types.

Brighton Beard Rye Exfoliating Eucalyptus Scrub  is best used as the first stage in our 3 step skincare range; before the Purifying Eucalyptus Face Mask and Mattifying Eucalyptus Moisturiser.

Cruelty and paraben free, and suitable for vegans.

About the Brighton Beard Company:
Designed and manufactured in the seaside town of Brighton, the brand encapsulates the style and spirit of the bearded lifestyle.  The Brighton Beard Co. was founded in 2013 by couple Lloyd and Jessica.  They wanted to create a distinctive beard-care range that championed both style and nourishment for the urban beardsman.

Lloyd grew a beard and realised he needed to find some kind of beast control. However, there were no products on the market that really grabbed his attention. His beau Jessica was struggling to find employment yet wanted to put her time into something both creative and productive (whilst also partial to a fluffy face).  Together, they created The Brighton Beard Co.; and the rest, as they say, is history. And Lloyd’s beard lived happily ever after.

Inspired by the scenic South Coast of England, they looked to the beards of the sea as their muse.  And so, They named products after local towns or lawless smugglers and moonshiners from around the East Sussex area.

From Creampot Tom to Jevington Jigg, each product is handmade in small batches with 100% natural ingredients, carefully chosen for their beard benefits and their impeccable fragrance. By creating quality, hand crafted products with all natural ingredients, The Brighton Beard Co. provides beard care to nurture your facial fur; making your beard the best it can be.

When naming lines, the Brighton Beard Company like to use the beautiful local areas such as Hawkhurst, Aldington and Alfriston. Rye is a beautiful little town on the coast to the east of Brighton.   The Rye line is a three step skincare range, not necessarily for daily use as we all lead busy lives but that could be the saviour of stressed out skin should it arise.

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