Brighton Beard 872 Candle




Brighton Beard 872 Candle

Brighton Beard 872 Candle

The ‘872’ candle is a luxurious, hand-poured candle made with a blend of coconut and soy wax. This candle is specially formulated to release a rich and opulent, smoky woody scent when burned. The scent is composed of several different notes. These  include top notes of dark amber and patchouli, middle notes of oud and tobacco, and base notes of black pepper and cedar.

The dark amber and patchouli provide a warm and earthy opening to the scent. While the oud and tobacco add a smoky and woody depth to the middle notes. The black pepper and cedar add a spicy and woody finish, making it perfect for creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere in any room. This candle is perfect for anyone who loves rich, warm and cozy scents, it’s perfect for any room and would make a great gift.

Please see our candle care and safety tips to get the most out of your candle.

Top Notes: Dark Amber, Patchouli
Middle Notes: Oud, Tobacco
Base Notes: Black Pepper, Cedar

Approximately 20-22 hrs burn time. 65(H)x60(D)mm

About The Brighton Beard Company

Established, designed and manufactured in the seaside town of Brighton, our brand encapsulates the style and spirit of the bearded lifestyle.

The Brighton Beard Co. was founded in 2013 by couple Lloyd and Jessica, who wanted to create a distinctive beard-care range that championed both style and nourishment for the urban beardsman.

Lloyd had grown a beard and realised he needed to find some kind of beast control, before his boss’ “shave it” taunts got the better of him. However, there were no products on the market that really grabbed his attention. So his beau, Jessica, who had been struggling to find employment yet wanted to put her time into something both creative and productive (whilst also partial to a fluffy face) Together, they created The Brighton Beard Co.; and the rest as they say, is history. And Lloyd’s beard lived happily ever after.


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