Beardbury’s Fiber Gel 100ml


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Beardbury’s Fiber Gel 100ml

Beardbury’s Fiber Gel 100ml


Long-lasting, firm and flexible hold fibre gel with a semi-matte finish. Gives hair texture. Leaves no residue and washes out easily with water.


  1. Apply a small amount evenly with your hands.
  2. With your fingers define each strand in the direction you want.
  3. Can be used on dry or damp hair for a wet effect.
  4. Allow to air dry.

About Beardbury’s

Born with the idea of revolutionizing the world of traditional male cosmetics, with a daring, innovative and nonconformist character.

Natural Ingredients

86% of the ingredients in their formulas are natural. They use active ingredients, which ingredients carefully selected for their high efficacy and endorsed by experts.

Innovation and technology

At Beardburys they are committed to making each product unique. Their handcrafted formulas, integrated into an exclusive design, achieve the highest quality standards in the manufacturing process.

Bold, sexy, naughty and alternative… but above all genuine, that is, natural and authentic as life itself.

Beardburys is formed by a group of non-conformist and very cool people. They have big ambitions and overcome challenges as a team. Getting out of their comfort zone while having fun is part of their daily task.

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